Our God Is Love – Hillsong – Key of D tutorial / lesson

Here are the lessong or tutorials for Our God is Love by Hillsong

Please click on the link to watch the lesson or video.

Original Song

Electric Guitar Lesson

Acoustic Guitar Lesson 

Drum Lesson

Bass Guitar Lesson


Keyboard Lesson - 

Vocal Lesson

Chord Sheet Key of D

If you need written notation for vocals go to ccli.com and become a member and you can print vocal charts.  If you need written notation for piano I suggest musicnotes.com they are cheap and write out the lead lines for piano for songs that do not have piano parts.

As always if you would like a specific song please leave a response and I will add it and I would love to hear any comments.  Also, feel free to email me at teachmyband@gmail.com

Our goal is to help Christian worship bands and musicians be better at the music they play as they lead in worship!

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